Caravan Bedding Sets

Caravan Bedding Sets

In interior design, the smallest of details can transform a room. Here at Belfield Direct, we believe that soft furnishings can transform a space, whether that’s its look, feel, mood, lighting or size.

If you’re hoping to change up your caravan space or holiday home, have you considered designing your own bedding sets? Although bedding sets can be purchased online from many home design retailers, finding the right material, colour, texture and price for your caravan may be difficult.

Through our seasoned leisure and travel interior designers, we help customers refresh their caravans, for either personal or leisure use through upholstery refurbishments. Select from a wide range of fabrics, perfect for caravan bedding sets.


Why purchase through Belfield Direct?

Here at Belfield Direct, we are experts in our field. We have vast experience in transforming holiday homes and leisure facilities into well designed, welcoming spaces. Whether you’re using this space yourself, or renting your caravan out, a homely, well thought out feel is needed.

We can help you achieve this through our interior design and refurbishment services, including the design of bedding sets. We can even pair your caravan bedding sets with additional soft furnishings within your space to achieve a unified design throughout.

This is a great way to bring a splash of colour, texture or depth to your interior design, along with opting for a fully functional bedding set. All of our fabrics also offer peace of mind by adhering to fire and safety standards – making sure that your bedding sets are safe for both personal and leisure use.


Our alternative design services

Along with selecting the perfect fabric for your caravan bedding sets, we offer alternative design services. Whether that’s sourcing the ideal material for your upholstery, pairing the perfect colour choice with your curtains or finding a comfortable, made to measure mattress for your caravan, we can help.

All of our services are cost-effective solutions to transforming your space with ease. We can control the refurbishment for you, while following your personal requirements and choices throughout. If you’re struggling to select colour choices or textures for your bedding sets, our team are on hand with a variety of suitable ideas.

To also ensure that you’re happy with all selections, we even offer free fabric samples. Searching through brochures or online magazines can be difficult when searching for tangible fabrics. With this in mind, we offer samples of our most suitable fabrics for your caravan, helping make your decision easier. Request your samples by emailing our team with your budget and colour scheme.


Arrange a personal consultation today

Whether you’re simply looking for new caravan bedding sets, or you hope for a complete refurbishment, our designers are on hand to help. Start today by arranging a personal consultation with one of our experts. From here, we can find fabrics and soft furnishings to transform your space, through cost-effective solutions.

Benefit from our ongoing aftercare services to ensure that your upholstery and fabric can be cared for and used long into the future.