Caravan Cotton Quilt

Caravan Cotton Quilt

Caravan cotton quilt

Comfort is one of the most important aspects for guests when staying in a caravan or holiday home. This can make or break a stay. With this in mind, if you rent out your caravan or have a commercial caravan park, promoting comfort through soft furnishings and upholstery is a must.

Here at Belfield Direct, we offer a range of pre-manufactured accessories, along with a wide selection of fabrics to help you design your own. Select from designing a caravan cotton quilt and curtains to internal foam solutions, we have a range of specialist services available.

View our range of products online or get in touch with our interior designers for our support when designing a cotton quilt.


Complete a simple refresh with a new caravan cotton quilt

Did you know that small changes to your upholstery and soft furnishings can refresh your space? From brightening up a room to adding an element of design, you’ll have the opportunity to select a fabric that meets your style.

To design your own caravan cotton quilt, firstly get in touch with our team here at Belfield Direct. Share your budget, your style and requirements. From here, we will come up with some personal ideas, while sending over some free samples of suitable fabrics. Whether you’re simply opting for a cotton quilt or hope to tie all of your soft furnishings together, we can help.

Once you’re happy with the final look, we will complete the work for you. Usually only takes 1 working day, we can transform a drab and outdated caravan with high-quality and durable fabrics.

Get in touch with our team today to start the design of your caravan cotton quilt and alternative soft furnishings.


Our range of services here at Belfield Direct

Alongside designing soft furnishings, we specialise in a range of services here at Belfield Direct. With vast industry experience, specialising in the tourism and leisure sectors, we understand what works. We understand the need for durable, fire-resistant upholstery. We appreciate how important the look and feel of your caravan is. See how we can transform your space below:

  • Internal replacement foam solutions

This service can go hand in hand with a caravan cotton quilt design. To improve the overall comfort of your bed, we can complete an internal replacement foam solution, boosting stability and comfort. It is important to remember that as time progresses, upholstery will lose its shape. This service can improve the internal and external look and feel of your mattresses and furniture.

  • A complete interior design service

Alongside offering the design of soft furnishings, such as a cotton quilt, we can look to transform the entirety of your caravan. Our team of experts can follow your style guidelines while offering a fresh, on-trend look.

Whether you’re looking to invest into the entire look and feel of your caravan or would like to make a small change, we can help you. Get in touch today to start your design – whether that’s a caravan cotton quilt or an entire space.