Caravan Curtains

Caravan Curtains

Are you hoping to find the perfect caravan curtains? Finding curtains for your home alone can be a task and a half, with the variety of lengths, materials and black-out options out there. Yet, the list advances further for spaces such as caravans and holiday homes. From durability and visual appeal, to flammability and aftercare steps, alternative factors are for consideration when selecting caravan curtains.

Here at Belfield Direct, we are specialists in upholstery and textiles for the hospitality sector. With our level of expertise, we can help you find the ideal caravan curtains, meeting your budget, colour scheme, style and durability requirements.

Get in touch with our team today to arrange a consultation, or simply view our range of fabrics online, ideal for caravan curtains. 

Find caravan curtains with our help

If you’re struggling to find curtains which are fit for caravan use, we have a wide range of fabrics here at Belfield Direct, designed and manufactured for the sector. With many caravan owners, whether for personal or commercial use, looking to revamp their caravans, we continuously have an up to date range of fabrics on offer.

You can visit our showroom if you’d prefer to see our caravan curtains in person, or for convenience, you can browse our online range. If you’re still feeling stuck with selecting caravan curtains, we can help you through a personal consultation.

Work with our team of seasoned interior designers to find the ideal fabric for your needs, easily turned into caravan curtains.

Why select fabric for caravan curtains through our range

Through our high-quality products and fair prices, our customers continue to return. See the benefits of selecting fabric for caravan curtains through our range…

  • We cater to all styles, budgets and sizes

All styles, colour schemes and needs differ. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of fabrics, ideal for caravan curtains, taking your style, budget and size needs into consideration.

We can help turn your favoured fabric into caravan curtains efficiently. Avoid the annoyance of purchasing curtains that are too long or narrow through our accurate, made to measure service.

  • We offer a variety of durability levels

We appreciate that caravans have varying uses. If you’re a commercial customer, you’ll probably be looking for fabric that offers great durability, over any further factors. We can cater to this while manufacturing your caravan curtains.

  • All of our fabric adheres to flammability standards

We are very passionate about health and safety here at Belfield Direct. Have knowledge that your caravan curtains adhere to flammability standards and are fit for purpose.

  • Our prices are fair

Our fabric costs are very fair. Although working to high standards, we ensure that caravan upholstery and textiles can be received by the majority.

Arrange samples of fabric ideal for caravan curtains today

If you’ve found the ideal fabric for caravan curtains, arrange a free sample today. Offering peace of mind, see exactly how the material looks and feel in your caravan, with your existing soft furnishings. If you’re keen to completely transform all of your textiles, we can also arrange this for you, in-house through our caravan textiles and upholstery solutions. To find out more, get in touch with our specialist team today.