Caravan Duvet Cover

Caravan duvet cover

Do you rent your caravan out? Maybe you welcome friends and family to use your holiday home? If so, it is important that it is visually appealing and provides a homely feel. What better way to achieve this than through cost-effective upholstery and soft furnishings?

Small details, tying style, design and comfort can make a big change to your space. Offer an inviting stay by opting for a personalised caravan duvet cover. You’ll even have the ability to tie your duvet cover in with the rest of your colour scheme and design.

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Why purchase through Belfield Direct?

Here at Belfield Direct, we are soft furnishings and upholstery specialists, with vast experience within the leisure and tourism sectors. We’ve helped clients transform small details, such as curtains, replacement foam solutions or a personalised duvet cover. From here, we’ve also achieved a complete redesign through our interior design service.

Our team of experts can offer guidance with the latest styles, durability and qualities – catering to your personal needs and budget. We’ve redesigned caravans and motorhomes, straight through to holiday homes; providing a refresh and a comforting feel.

We appreciate how important visual appeal is in the tourism and leisure industries. Poor, low-quality and drab interior can cause a negative stay. With this in mind, we will recommend the most appropriate personalised caravan duvet cover to match your bedrooms.

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Request free samples of our material, ideal for a caravan duvet cover

Before investing, we believe in providing our customers with free samples of our materials. Helping you gauge texture, durability, comfort and colour, we can send over free samples of material, ideal for a caravan duvet cover. 

We can take your needs into consideration while sending over appropriate material which matches your current furnishings. Request a free sample of material for a caravan duvet cover today.


Why select a personalised duvet cover?

  • You can select the right colour for your space

Finding the ideal colour for your space can be difficult, especially if you have existing accessories or furnishings in your caravan. We can match your duvet cover to your current colour scheme/style.

  • You can select the right texture for your comfort needs

All customers have differing comfort needs. We can find the ideal texture for your duvet cover.

  • You can select a durable material, supporting consistent use

If your caravan is regularly used, we can help you select a durable material, ideal for a duvet cover.

  • You can select a fire-resistant material

It’s important to maintain health and safety standards when renting your caravan out. All of our materials adhere to fire-resistant standards.


Arrange a personal consultation today

Arrange a consultation with our interior designers today to find the ideal material for your caravan duvet cover. We can help with a simple refresh, straight through to a complete interior design service. Benefit from our specialist support, helping you find a personalised caravan duvet cover to transform your space.