Caravan Linen Upholstery Fabric

Linen Upholstery Fabric

Are you searching for a light but durable fabric for your soft furnishings or caravan upholstery? Here at Belfield Direct, in this case, we would usually recommend linen upholstery fabric, ideal for diverse furniture and furnishings within a caravan or holiday home setting.

No matter the type of material you’re looking for, we have a wide range of upholstery fabric available. We are manufacturing and design specialists in the upholstery field for leisure and travel clients. We’ve helped many leisure facilities, holiday lodges and caravan owners refurbish their space through a range of small to large projects.

If you’re looking for advice, interior ideas, or a range of high-quality linen upholstery fabric, we can help. If you’re aiming for a certain look or feel, we can share the most appropriate upholstery fabric to match your colour scheme and style. Find out more today by emailing our team with your specifications.


How to source the ideal upholstery fabric

If you’re keen to transform your furniture or soft furnishings, this can easily be completed through our refurbishment services. To start the process, please feel free to share your ideas, colour scheme, room style and budget with our seasoned designers. From here, we will use your specifications to provide the best recommendations for upholstery fabric. In this case you may receive a range of linen upholstery fabrics to try for free within your space.

There are a number of factors to think about before jumping in and selecting a fabric. You must consider the level of durability you require, your colour choices, the amount of lighting around your furniture, and whether a complete refurbishment is required. Once the most suitable linen upholstery fabric is selected, we will complete the project for you to a high standard.

To help maintain the standard of your refurbishment or upholstery replacement, our aftercare services will be promoted. Here our team will help you care for and look after your upholstery in the correct way, promoting longevity.


Where can you use upholstery fabric?

Our linen upholstery fabric here at Belfield Direct is fit for diverse purpose. Whether your caravan or holiday home is used personally, or you monetise it, our fabrics can offer peace of mind by exceeding health, safety and fire standards. With this in mind, our fabrics are fit for purpose across a range of upholstery.

If you’re hoping to change the comfort and support of your furniture, we have a range of cut to fit foam padding solutions. This is a great way to give your furnishings a refresh.

If you’re hoping to change the visual appeal of your upholstery, we have a range of linen and luxury fabrics, offering a wide range of textures, colours and patterns. All can be used across soft furnishings, such as cushions, curtains and bedding, along with fixed furniture and seating solutions.

Make the best of your space with our high-quality upholstery fabric, tying your décor together. Our interior designers can help you select the most appropriate idea for your space.