Caravan Patterned Fabric

Caravan Patterned Fabric

Finding the perfect patterned fabric for your colour scheme, style and budget can be challenging, especially with a large number of materials available in the market. Yet, here at Belfield Direct, we can help make this selection easier through the guidance of our expert interior designers.

We can help transform the upholstery in your caravan with patterned fabric, offering the right texture and feel you’re hoping for. Not only this, we can design the space for you, complete the project and also offer aftercare services to uphold the quality of your fabric choice.

Start the process of refurbishing your caravan and its upholstery by arranging a consultation with our team. We can even offer free fabric samples to help make your selection easier, ideal to try with your current colour scheme and furniture. Simply email over your requirements and receive expert guidance from our designers.


Transform your space with suitable caravan patterned fabric

After years of use, it is highly common that caravans or holiday homes require a refresh. One of the most cost-effective and easy ways to do this is through updating upholstery, furniture and colour pallets. Here at Belfield Direct, we can help you design the right space for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a bright and bold patterned fabric to uplift the mood, or you’d prefer neutral, softer tones, we can work around your vision.

We can also consider your budget when selecting the right patterned fabric and texture for you, with a large range available at our showroom. Not only this, we can offer peace of mind that your fabric is suitable for both personal and commercial use by upholding fire and safety standards.

Have the knowledge that your caravan can be transformed in a safe but convenient way through our refurbishment services. Give your space a much-needed refresh by simply swapping out curtains, cushions and fitted furnishings.


Our aftercare services here at Belfield Direct

Once investing into a refurbishment, we appreciate how longevity is desired. With this in mind, we will offer aftercare services post refurb to ensure you have the steps in place to clean and maintain upholstery and fabric. Aftercare for every fabric will differ, making our service invaluable for customers.

Our specialities

Alongside our wide range of caravan patterned fabric, our teams’ eye for detail turns the drabbest space into a refreshing and welcoming environment. With years of design experience under our belt, we can help you make the smallest changes to your caravan, or completely redesign and fit your upholstery.

Not only this, we also specialise in manufacturing and supplying mattresses, curtains, blinds, furniture and upholstery, ensuring that high-quality products are offered. With years of experience and knowledge of the leisure and holiday industry, we understand what works. We can follow your requirements while selecting the most appropriate patterned fabric and materials to fit your caravan needs.

Get in touch today to start the process of refreshing your caravan, holiday home or lodge. Most refurbishments can be completed in 1 day, either at our site or within your holiday lodge.