Caravan Print Duvet Cover

Caravan Print Duvet Cover

Did you know that a simple switch of material for your duvet cover can change the visual appeal and feel of your caravan? A simple print can set the tone, while unifying your whole space. Whether you’re looking for a refresh or would prefer to completely transform the décor of your space, print duvet material can achieve this.

If you’re hoping to match your current style, or would like some guidance with your upholstery, here at Belfield Direct, we can help you.

Get in touch today for our guidance, along with receiving a range of samples for a caravan print duvet cover. Alternatively, shop our fabrics online, offering convenience and UK wide delivery.


Our specialities here at Belfield Direct

Here at Belfield Direct, we offer a range of services covering upholstery and interior design for the tourism and leisure industries. From sourcing ideal material for curtains or a duvet cover, to internal replacement padding, we can offer a face lift for your soft furnishings.

Alongside helping you source or design a caravan print duvet cover, we can provide a helping hand with your entire interior design. Whether that’s tying in your current colour scheme or transforming the atmosphere of your space, we can help.

Shop our fabrics online, ideal for a caravan print duvet cover.


Select print duvet cover material

Print material is a great way to bring an element of design to your space. It offers a cost-effective approach to refreshing your caravan. It’s also an effective way to keep on top of interior trends, helping you swap out soft furnishings as and when desired.

To help you select the most appropriate print material, we can send over a range of free samples. This will help you select the right colour, durability and texture for your needs. Our team of interior designers can follow your needs and design brief to select the best duvet cover to meet your budget.

Get in touch today to request free samples of material, ideal for a caravan print duvet cover.


Our aftercare services

The aftercare needs of all fabrics differ. This will depend on their texture and durability. With this in mind, we want to ensure that your duvet cover can offer longevity; especially if you’re renting out your caravan.

We can offer guidance on how to care for your print duvet cover, along with the health and safety of its use. Please be reassured that all of our material meets fire resistant standards, offering peace of mind for customers.

Contact our team here at Belfield Direct to select your own caravan print duvet cover. We can run through your needs, while providing free samples of our most suitable material. From here, we can offer aftercare advice and/or provide further interior design services. Pair your print duvet cover with alternative soft furnishings and accessories within your caravan. Benefit from our internal expertise, with vast experience across tourism and leisure facilities. Completely transform your soft furnishings, bedrooms or accessories with our services.