Caravan textiles

Caravan textiles

Caravan revamps are now very common. When purchasing a generic caravan, they commonly look the same. Yet, living in a world where caravans are highly used for getaways, more and more people are looking to personalise theirs. 

This can easily be achieved through caravan textiles – our speciality here at Belfield Direct. From cushions and curtains, to upholstery and bedding, we offer a range of solutions, helping to boost visual appeal and usability of caravans and motorhomes.

We’ve also noticed how many commercial clients favour caravan textile revamps, helping to differentiate them in a saturated market. So, if you own a caravan park or holiday home, our range of caravan textiles are a great way to offer a homely, desirable feel.

Get in touch today for more information on our caravan textiles solutions, or to arrange a consultation with our interior designers.

Selecting caravan textiles with our help

If you’re looking for caravan textiles, here at Belfield Direct, we can help. We offer a wide range of fabrics and upholstery solutions, from our showroom and our website. You can simply browse, purchase or receive our expert recommendations on appropriate caravan textiles. 

We appreciate how budgets, aims and styles all differ for our customers. As a result of this, we have a vast range of textiles readily available, continuously updating our stock. From luxury caravan material, all the way to durable, easy to clean textiles. We also have fabrics that are favoured personally, all the way to practical textiles, easy to roll out across a number of units.

We can even send over some free fabric samples, ideal for your caravan textiles. Our customers really value this service, helping them make their mind up, in their caravan, prior to investing. If you’d like samples of our recommended caravan textiles, get in touch with our team.

Our services here at Belfield Direct

At Belfield Direct, we are specialists in the upholstery world. We’ve worked with large, global retailers and hospitality facilities, providing textiles and upholstery solutions. We’ve also worked on smaller scales, covering comprehensive interior design projects. Through our specialisms, we offer a range of services, including our caravan textiles.

  • Holiday home and caravan textiles

We appreciate how small details can transform a space. We have a wide range of caravan textiles available, ready to transform into a well-designed room. From curtains and mattresses, to external sofa covers and soft furnishings, we can follow your style guidelines.

  • Complete interior design support

If you’re aiming to completely change your caravan, we offer an interior design service. Our experts can work with you to turn your ideas and colour schemes into reality.

  • Foam solutions

Textiles and upholstery aren’t just about how they look. How they feel is also important. We offer a foam solution service, helping to boost the internal quality and comfort of your items. 

Whether you’re looking for generic caravan textiles, on a one-off or a mass scale, we can help. If you’re alternatively looking to revamp your space and change your style, we can also help. Get in touch with your budget, needs and ideas, and we will help you change your caravan for the better.