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Designed specifically for the unique requirements of the leisure and holiday industries, DreamSleep incorporates the latest in fabric and filling technologies to create domestic quality mattress solutions. Belfield created the patented* Dreamsleep bedding system utilising these technologies. Upon launch, Belfield won Practical Caravan and Caravan magazines innovation of the year award for the DreamSleep bedding system. The DreamSleep range is continually developed to create new mattress systems for the holiday and leisure industries.

*patent number: 1510320-3

bed sets and pillows

Our Range

Our range has been designed and developed with the holiday home and leisure industry as its sole focus. The latest in foam and fabric technologies has been explored to offer comfort and durability to your holiday home.

DreamSleep shaped pillow

Soft Sleep luxury quilted pillow

A pillow made from a hybrid super-soft foam that has spring and bounce. It doesn’t retain heat like memory foam, keeping your head comfortably warm as you sleep. The luxury quilted cover is anti-allergenic protecting against dust and bacteria. Available in standard or shaped.

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Dreamsleep mattress topper

Soft Sleep memory foam mattress topper

Mattress toppers made with 100% high grade memory foam. Available in 25 and 50mm thicknesses, with an optional washable cover for the 50mm type.

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Cool Touch cooling mattress protector

The cutting edge fabric technology has a unique fibre weave which is cooling. Ideal for a comfortable sleep on those hot summer nights. Available in any bespoke shape for you holiday home if you have a shaped mattress.

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