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Furniture Upholstery

Changing out your furniture for its texture and look has never been as easy as now, with our refurbishment services here at Belfield Direct. Offering a wide range of fabrics, we specialise in soft furnishings and furniture upholstery for both the leisure and travel industries.

We’ve helped customers transform their spaces through cost-effective and simple routes, by simply making changes to upholstery. Achieve that brand-new look by updating the external look and internal texture of your furniture.

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Why use our refurbishment services here at Belfield Direct?


Here at Belfield Direct, we are passionate about helping customers make visually appealing changes to their soft furnishings and upholstery within both leisure and travel settings. We’ve helped customers transform caravans, motorhomes and even holiday homes with our simple but high-quality furniture upholstery revamps.

To many individuals, going out and purchasing new items will be perceived as easier. This is usually the case for individuals with limited confidence in interior design. Yet, there are greater cost-effective routes to take, by utilising our refurbishment services.

From small changes to soft furnishings, such as scatter cushions, to a complete interior transformation, we can work to your budget and style requirements. We can pair your upholstery fabrics with your current colour scheme, helping to tie your key feel throughout your space.

Start to transform your furniture and soft furnishings with our expert help.


Request free samples of our upholstery fabrics


Here at Belfield Direct, we understand how difficult finding the perfect fabric can be. After all, there are thousands of options out there. Yet, as every customer has different needs and budgets, we offer free fabric samples, ideal for furniture upholstery. With this service, with providing customers with the peace of mind that designs will work within their selected space.

Make the most of this service by sharing your colour scheme and design requirements with our team. From here, you’ll receive a number of suitable fabric samples, following your budget and needs. Browse our range through our online shop today.


Receive bespoke furniture upholstery


Interior design is about transforming a space which is unique and ideal for your needs. Through our refurbishment services, you’ll have the opportunity to receive bespoke furniture upholstery ideal for your space.

If you’re hoping to stand out and achieve a different look to others, selecting your own fabric will be favoured over simply purchasing pre-made items. Here at Belfield Direct, we can offer this across our refurbishment and additional services.

Transform your space by selecting fabric for your furniture, curtains, blinds, soft furnishings, bedding and fixed seating solutions. We can ensure that the visuals of each work together to match the theme/style of your caravan or leisure facility.

Start the process of selecting your own bespoke furniture upholstery with our expert support. Request free samples of our fabrics while also arranging your own personal consultation, ensuring your needs are prioritised.