Cool Touch Ultra Mattress

Cool Touch Ultra Mattress

DreamSleep Memory Foam Top Mattress

Belfield Direct DreamSleep Memory Foam Top Mattresses

Available with either 25mm or 50mm memory foam top and in Glade Gold or Charlotte fabric

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Belfield Direct Combination Mattress - available with either 25mm or 50mm memory foam top.

Our DreamSleep Memory Foam Top mattresses combine the best of a Bonell sprung mattress with a layer of body shape moulding and pressure point relieving memory foam.

The addition of ultra fibre pads and comfort pads top and bottom in their construction provides superior comfort and support for a great night's sleep!

Bonnell Springs - the springs are connected, therefore the system provides excellent support over the entire sleeping area. In addition, they are lighter than a pocket sprung and therefore easier to turn.

They offer fantastic value for money.


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