Motorhome upholstery

Do you own a motorhome? If so, it’s very likely that you have a variety of furniture and soft furnishings, consistently used. Is your upholstery needing a refresh? Maybe you’re starting to use your motorhome more often, hoping to achieve a homely feel?

Whether you’re personally revamping your motorhome upholstery or hope to find a reputable company to complete the work, here at Belfield Direct, we can help.

Head over to our range of upholstery fabrics or get in touch today for a consultation with our team of industry specific interior designers. 

Update your motorhome upholstery with our services

If you’re keen to update your motorhome upholstery, we have a number of services available here at Belfield Direct.

  • Our standard upholstery fabric selection

If you’re simply looking to revamp a piece of upholstery, we can achieve this through our wide range of materials. Ideal for motorhomes, our fabrics can be used across a wide range of upholstery including soft furnishings, bedding and curtains.

Simply share your style requirements, budget and usability needs and we can help you find the ideal motorhome upholstery fabric. You can even search for this yourself through our online shop or order a free sample of your favourite fabrics.

  • Interior design support

If you’re looking to transform the entire look of your motorhome, our seasoned interior designers can help. Opting for a motorhome refurbishment will provide the opportunity to refresh your entire range of upholstery. This is favoured by our customers for tying together colour pallets, textures and patterns.

If interior design isn’t your forte, feel free to communicate your ideas to our team. We will be more than happy to work with you to bring a new lease of life to your motorhome upholstery.

  • Internal foam solutions

If your upholstery is looking drab or limp, this can be down to its internal padding. We can improve the structure and comfort of your upholstery through our foam solutions. In unison, this will also elevate your motorhome upholstery on a visual scale. 

We can create cut to size foam blocks to fill your upholstery, while selecting suitable fabrics for the outside of your upholstery.

Request a sample of fabric ideal for motorhome upholstery

To help you select the ideal fabric for motorhome upholstery, request a free sample today. Share your style needs with our team, and in return, you will receive a variety of fabric samples, suitable for your project.

This can simply be arranged by contacting our team today.

Receive aftercare guidance for your new upholstery

All fabrics and upholstery differ. With longevity and durability in mind, you’ll need the exact guidance to care for and clean your motorhome upholstery. For all customers here at Belfield Direct, we offer aftercare guidance on all of our fabrics.

Some fabrics are much more delicate than others. Other fabrics are easy to clean and hard wearing. Through our guidance, you’ll know exactly how to ensure your new motorhome upholstery can be used for the long-term.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding aftercare services or would like to select your own motorhome upholstery fabrics.