Retro caravan fabrics

Retro caravan fabrics

Are you searching for retro caravan fabrics? Hoping to differentiate your range of caravans? Or maybe you love a retro style for your personal caravan?

Finding retro caravan fabrics that meet your needs, budget and durability requirements may be hard. Yet, here at Belfield Direct, we have a wide range of fabrics available, ideal for caravan use.

Check out our range of caravan fabrics online, including our retro style, or visit our showroom today. We continuously update our showroom, ensuring that fabrics can be found for all customers.

Request a free sample of retro caravan fabrics

If you’ve seen a few fabrics you like, here at Belfield Direct, we believe in convenience. We will send over some free samples of your favoured retro fabrics, helping you make an honest, fair decision.

If you’re completely in the dark with what caravan fabrics to select, yet love the retro style, our team of interior designers can help. By sending over your budget, your ideas and your durability needs, we can recommend suitable caravan fabrics, following your style. 

Get in touch today if you require more information on our range of fabrics.

The benefits of purchasing our caravan fabric

Known as market leaders, here at Belfield Direct, we provide fabrics to a range of well-known hospitality facilities and retailers. With this in mind, we are trusted by the masses to provide high quality, yet affordable caravan fabrics. Here’s what you could benefit from by selecting retro caravan fabrics through our online shop or showroom.

  • We have a wide range of caravan fabrics

As we are specialists in the market, we have a wide range of caravan fabrics available. From retro styles and luxury feels, to those easier fabrics to clean and look after. Whatever your needs, we will have a fabric readily available to transform your upholstery and soft furnishings.

  • All fabrics adhere to fire safety standards

This is highly favoured by both our domestic and commercial customers. Having the reassurance that fabric is safe and meets fire safety standards is a must. This is exactly what we offer here at Belfield Direct.

  • Our caravan fabrics are fit for purpose

Caravan fabrics must be fit for purpose. Many spaces will have high footfall, resulting in consistent usability. With this in mind, our favoured retro caravan fabrics will be easy to clean, while also durable.


Our fabrics and solutions offer value for money

If you’re hoping to transform your caravan, you’d probably imagine retro fabric to be pricey. However, our range of fabrics and upholstery solutions offer value for money. Although high standards are continuously met, we believe in fair pricing structures.

If you’re hoping to find the perfect retro caravan fabrics, you’ll have great opportunity through our range here at Belfield Direct. If you’re looking to transform the entirety of your caravan, following a retro style, our interior designers are on hand. They are seasoned in the field, knowing exactly what works together. Get in touch to make the most of our retro caravan fabrics, easily turned into curtains, cushion covers, bedding and even upholstery.