Scatter Cushions Fabric

Scatter Cushions Fabric

Are you hoping to bring a pop of colour to your soft furnishings? Maybe you’re looking to bring a warmer, homely feel to your caravan or holiday home? Or maybe you’re aiming for a complete interior refresh?

All of the above can simply be achieved by introducing some high quality, scatter cushions to your sofa and armchairs. Not only is this a cost-effective way of creating a relaxed, warm feel, it’s also an easy way to consistently change your design, as and when seasons change.

Here at Belfield Direct, we have a wide range of scatter cushions and fabrics available at our showroom. Simply send over your colour scheme and requirements and our team of designers will find the most suitable fabric for your caravan. Transform your space with small accessories and soft furnishings by contacting our team or purchasing through our online shop.


Internal scatter cushion fabric

Depending on your personal needs, a variety of internal fabrics can be selected for your scatter cushions. For some customers, soft, luxurious foam solutions are favoured. For other customers, supportive and sturdy material is needed, offering durability and longevity.

Whichever resembles your personal requirements, foam replacements can be made through our refurbishment services.


External scatter cushion fabric

When considering the external fabric for your scatter cushions, this can be a difficult decision to make. If design and room layout isn’t your day job, selecting the right fabric for your caravan or holiday home may feel daunting.

Here at Belfield Direct, our team of interior designers have vast experience within both the leisure and travel industries. They understand the needs of customers, helping find the ideal scatter cushions fabric.

Alongside your cushions, further soft furnishings can also be designed and incorporated to fully transform your space. We’ve worked on small projects, all the way up to complete redesigns, helping to bring a new lease of life to décor.


Select your favourite scatter cushions fabric today


To help make your decision easier, our team can send over some suitable free samples of our scatter cushions fabric. This can be done my emailing over your colour scheme and budget, along with your refurbishment needs.

Once you’re happy with your fabric selection, your refurbishment will be left in the capable hands of our designers and manufacturers. This process will usually take 1 working day, by simply leaving your caravan with us.

Post refurb, our aftercare services will be on hand to help you maintain the quality of your chosen fabric. Please remember that all fabrics differ, along with their cleaning guidelines. Our team can offer useful information on how to care for your scatter cushions post refurbishment.

Benefit from designing your own scatter cushions through our wide range of fabrics. Our showroom continuously updates, bringing the best of the best fabrics to our customers. Change your caravan, motorhome or leisure facility with our help here at Belfield Direct. We can also offer help with alternative soft furnishings, such as curtains, along with larger scale interior design projects. Get in touch today to start your refurbishment.