Static caravan upholstery fabric

Static caravan upholstery fabric

Do you own a static caravan? Are you hoping to give it a refresh through new upholstery fabric? Here at Belfield Direct, we have a wide range of caravan fabrics available, making a refresh easily possible.

From helping you find the right static caravan upholstery fabric, to manufacturing and transforming your upholstery, we can complete the whole process for you. We additionally work to a range of budgets, ensuring that you can receive the final upholstery look and feel you desire.

Shop our range of upholstery fabrics online or arrange a consultation with our team of interior designers for a complete caravan transformation.

Finding upholstery fabric ideal for a static caravan

Are you struggling to find the ideal upholstery fabric? With the vast amount of options out there, it can be difficult to narrow down a select few. For a static caravan setting, this selection can be even harder, with factors such as durability and usability set as priorities.

With this in mind, we can ease the selection of static caravan upholstery fabric for you, by recommending our most appropriate materials. We will work to your style, colour scheme, desired look and feel, budget and usability requirements.

Working across both domestic and commercial customer bases, we can offer a one-off fabric service, or follow a continuous manufacturing process for your static caravan.

Get in touch today with your requirements, along with the opportunity to request free fabric samples. This is a convenient and easy way to test whether your selected upholstery fabric will work with your caravan’s existing colour scheme, atmosphere and interior design.

Our range of services, ideal for static caravans

Whether you’re simply searching for static caravan upholstery fabric, or hope to complete an interior facelift, we have a range of sought-after services available here at Belfield Direct.

  • Upholstery fabrics and textiles

As touched on above, we have a wide range of upholstery fabric available. We continuously update our stock to ensure that all styles and price points are available. We appreciate how styles deviate for all customers. We will do our utmost to help you find static caravan upholstery fabric to suit your current colour scheme and space.

  • Interior design services

If you’re hoping to completely change your static caravan around, we offer an in-house interior design service. Our interior designers are seasoned experts in the industry, with knowledge of what exactly works in a static caravan setting. We can help you pair up your upholstery fabric with alternative soft furnishings, offering a unified, style. We work on textiles including bedding, curtains, cushions, external upholstery fabrics, mattresses and chairs.

  • Foam solutions

We appreciate how upholstery fabric is commonly associated with upcycles. However, you can also improve the visual appeal of your static caravan upholstery through our internal foam solutions. Update your furniture and soft furnishings through our foam solutions, while also updating your upholstery fabric.

Whichever service you select here at Belfield Direct, have the knowledge that you are working with industry leaders. Through our passion for textiles, we can help you find static caravan upholstery fabric, and then some. Get in touch today with your upholstery needs.