Swift Caravan Bedding Sets

Swift Caravan Bedding Sets

Swift caravan bedding sets


Are your bedding sets looking outdated? After continuous use, especially in a leisure or tourism setting, bedding sets can begin to look drab, dirty and out of style. Change this by purchasing Swift caravan bedding sets, which match your style and budget.


Here at Belfield Direct, we have a range of bedding sets available, along with a wide variety of on-trend and durable fabrics. Design your own with the help of our interior designers, tying in your current colour pallets and themes, or opt for pre-manufactured bedding sets, ideal for Swift caravans.


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Selecting the right fabric for your Swift caravan bedding sets


If you’re hoping to improve the comfort, the look and the feel of your caravan, there are a number of factors to think about when selecting the right fabric. With a wide range of fabrics available at our showroom, it’s important to find the right one that meets your needs. Here are a number of factors you can select from when designing your own bedding sets:


Match your current interior style


If you currently love your interior style, we can find a fabric that will match this. Patterned or colourful bedding sets are a great way to bring some depth and design to your space.


If you’re hoping to completely redesign your caravan, our team can help with our interior design services. Utilise small accessories, like bedding sets to bring a small space to life.


Select the right fit for your caravan


All caravans are different, especially when considering size. For your Swift caravan, you’ll need the correct mattress – and in tandem the correct sized bedding sets. We can create made to measure bedding sets to fit your space perfectly, offering true comfort.


Choose the right comfort level


Comfort is a personal preference. With this in mind, we can help you find the right texture of the fabric to meet your comfort needs. This will also go hand in hand with your durability requirements, especially if you do rent your Swift caravan out.


Select fire resistance fabric


A very important factor for individuals who are renting out their caravan is fire-resistant fabric. All of our fabrics here at Belfield Direct adhere to health and safety standards. As we are tourism and leisure facility specialists, we understand the peace of mind required for bedding sets.


To help you find the right Swift caravan bedding sets, we can send across a range of free samples. All you’ll need to do is send over your personal requirements and style, and we will return a number of suitable fabrics for your caravan. Select your favourite and arrange a consultation with our specialists. From here, we can get the ball rolling to manufacture your bedding sets, ensuring that high standards are always experienced.


Start to design your own bedding sets today, and transform your Swift caravan, giving it a new lease of interior life.