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Upholstery Material

Do you have a piece of furniture or a soft furnishing which you’re hoping to refurb? This is now a commonly followed trend, where many individuals are opting for the recycling of upholstery, instead of unnecessary new purchases.

Whether you’re hoping to give an armchair a facelift, or you require soft furnishings for your holiday home, here at Belfield Direct, we can help.

We specialise in upholstery material and design, helping to refurbish travel and leisure spaces. From personal caravan spaces to luxury holiday homes, we’ve worked alongside many customers to create bespoke upholstery. Our interior designers can work with you to transform your space with a simple upholstery facelift.


Internal upholstery material

Sometimes, the internal upholstery material will impact a piece of furniture’s look and comfort level. After much use, foam padding can ware. In this instance, many individuals may look to purchase new replacement furniture. When in fact, original quality can be achieved by simply changing the internal upholstery material.

Here at Belfield Direct, we offer a range of foam solutions, helping to improve the look, comfort, durability and structure of upholstery. Depending on your budget and needs, we can recommend the most suitable internal foam material for your furniture.


External upholstery material

The visual appeal of the furniture is one of the biggest reasons why customers look to repurchase. This is understandable, with the aim to keep on top of current interior trends. Yet, instead of purchasing new, furniture can simply be transformed through external upholstery material.

Fabrics can be selected based on a number of requirements – including texture, colour pallet, cost, durability and comfort. External upholstery material will differ for all customers, all depending on their style needs and furniture item. For example, upholstery material for a chair or seating solution will usually require a material with longevity and durability. Yet, soft furnishings will usually focus on look and feel.


Receive our help when selecting your upholstery material

If you’re new to upholstery and refurbishments, selecting either internal or external materials may feel overwhelming. There are vast options available in our showroom alone.

To ease the selection for you, here at Belfield Direct, we offer a bespoke interior design service, helping you find the perfect upholstery material. This process will start by getting to know your needs, budget and style guidelines. From here, our expert team will work with you to select the most suitable upholstery material for your furniture.

Alongside our guidance, we can offer free samples of our upholstery materials, all selected following your needs. This service offers customers the ability to try materials out in their chosen spaces before going ahead with their refurbishment.

Request your material samples today, along with sharing your interior needs with our team. Upholstery materials and soft furnishings can be viewed on our online shop, alongside our showroom. Alternatively, arrange your own personal consultation with our interior designers to discuss your upcoming refurbishment.

Find and enjoy bespoke upholstery materials, available and ready to transform your travel and leisure spaces.